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Salted chocolate bar made in Sicily in the historical chocolate-producing town of Modica.

Modica chocolate is made following an ancient recipe where the cacao is ground manually, which results in a chocolate with a distinctive coarse texture.

It is manifactured by the social cooperative and foster home led by Don Puglisi. All ingredients including the cocoa and the cane sugar come exclusively from Fair Trade.

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Gorgonzola PDO is a soft cheese from whole cow’s milk. It is characterised by its blue veins, a trait that distinguishes it from all others. The spicy after-taste is a prominent organoleptic property of this product. Gorgonzola has a strong flavour, ideal to taste it on its own or smeared on bread.

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The Bettelmat is a fatty cheese with a low to medium ageing, semi-hard paste, produced in Piedmont. The Bettelmatt is obtained through the processing of raw, whole milk from Italian Brown cows. Due to its particular characteristics, it is best to taste this cheese on its own or together with polenta or gnocchi. It is ideal in combination with local red wines or aromatic ones.

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Valchiavenna is an Italian alpine valley North of Lake Como, and a historical producer of Bresaola, the most famous beef salume (cured meat) from Italy.

This Bresaola is made by the Del Curto brothers in the heart of Valchiavenna. It is smoked using Pine woods, hence its intense taste.

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Valtellina is an alpine valley in Lombardy, Northern Italy, bordering Switzerland. Together with Valchiavenna, it is a historical producer of beef Bresaola, the leanest and healthiest among the Italian salumi (cured meats).

This PGI-certified Bresaola is made by spicing and air-curing only the best part of the beef topside.


Brown Cow Parmigiano is made with raw milk from the "Razza Bruna" breed, which was introduced in the Italian Appennino at the end of 1800. It has a rich taste and a characteristic straw-yellow color due to the traditional alimentation of the cows. The milk has indeed a content of calcium, phosphorus and fat higher than the average of Parmigianos.

In general, Parmigiano or Parmesan is a cheese with a hard consistency, produced in Emilia Romagna. This cheese is the famous and beloved protagonist of all Italian tables. It is made with raw cow’s milk, semi-skimmed by removing the fat on the surface and without additives and preservatives. It is recommended to taste the product on its own, in flakes or pieces, or as an ingredient in many dishes.

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The Caciocavallo Ragusano PDO is a pasta filata cheese typical from Sicily. The particularity of this cheese lies in the raw materials used and in its processing: made from raw cow’s milk, obtained through a spinning process using hot water at 70-80ºC. We recommend that you try it on its own or as an ingredient in typical local dishes.

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The Caciocchiato di Ariano Irpino is a semi-hard, pasta filata cheese, produced with cow’s milk, typical from the locality with the same name in Campania. What distinguishes this cheese is, without a doubt, its appearance: inside you can find small holes called eyes that give this cheese its name (occhiato means with eyes in Italian).

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The Castelmagno PDO is a long-aged, semi-fat mountain cheese with a semi-hard consistency and a blue-veined appearance. It is produced in the locality bearing the same name in Piedmont. The particularity of this cheese is its production based on cow milk obtained from two successive milkings (morning and afternoon). It can be enriched with goat or sheep milk, but this can constitute up to 20% maximum. We suggest you taste it on its own or accompanied by full-bodied wines.

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The Comtè is a cheese made from cow’s milk, with a medium or long ageing and a semi-hard consistency. It is produced in the Jura in France. Only milk from Montbéliarde and Simmental cows is used to produce this cheese. The particular taste of this product make it ideal to taste it on its own or together with a vast variety of dishes.

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